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Bookish (And Not So Bookish) Thoughts

Christine at Bookishly Boisterous started this meme – get amongst it. (Stolen – with credit – from Kate.)

10. I’ve wanted to watch Notorious for the last few weeks. I assumed I owned it as part of Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection. I don’t, it’s not included in that particular collection. I was a little more annoyed than the situation called for, but come on. It is really irritating to sit down and attempt  to watch a movie…only to realize that you don’t actually own it (yeah, yeah, first world problems).


9. That lunch date that cancelled twice on me last week…we finally managed to get together for lunch. This was yesterday. Coincidentally, it was the same day the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees were announced. Nirvana, Hall and Oates (!), Deep Purple…interesting group of nominees. Anyway the discussion led to favorite songs by bands already in the Hall of Fame.  One of my favorites is Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd. I can now say, regrettably, that I’ve met someone over the age of 30 who does NOT know who Lynyrd Skynyrd. I can’t even.

8. To keep this book related, Charlotte Street by Danny Wallace has this cute bit about two people falling in love over Hall and Oates and identifying yourself by pizza type. I don’t know why I don’t love that book more.

7. I can’t say I’m a big fan of Alice Munro because I haven’t read enough of her work yet. I did love Hateship, Loveship, Courtship, Marriage, so I have high hopes for the rest of her work. But Bret Easton Ellis doesn’t agree (of course, we’ll all drop dead the day he agrees with the masses). I don’t mind BEE and actually quite enjoyed Rules of Attraction and Less Than Zero (and American Psycho, although enjoy is not the right word to use in that case). However, I also really enjoyed this article taking BEE down.

6. Yesterday was National Dictionary Day. I love words- their multiple meanings, their history, and their evolution. That does not me I enjoyed when selfie and srsly were added to Oxford Dictionaries online (still love the oxford comma though, obvs).

5. I’m not sure anybody really wants to know this, but I’ll share anyway because of all the hate that the Affordable Care Act gets (“Obamacare is as bad as Fugitive Slave Act”…thanks New Hampshire!). Currently my health insurance costs $567 per month; my employer reimburses me $200 per month. This doesn’t cover anything initially; as I have a $6000 deductible to meet before my health coverage begins. I’ve only met this deductible one time (when I was hospitalized briefly in 2011) and it was painful for me to write that check. Under the new health care law, insurance companies are no longer allowed to have such high deductibles. So I am one of the people who benefits (by thousands of dollars) from Obamacare. While I truly believe the health care system in the US is shit, at least someone is trying to improve it. Perspective from a patient (without insurance) who is also a health care worker.

4. Ways to show your bookish love. I like #37, but would never wear it – except to bed probably.

3. 11 Lessons That ‘Jane Eyre’ Can Teach Every 21st Century Woman About How To Live Well. I hope that #1 and #8 are true, specifically.

2. While watching Season Three of The Walking Dead earlier this week, I was positively gleeful when a particular cast member died. I then felt cruel and heartless.

1. IDW will be releasing a new miniseries The Crow: Pestilence written by Frank Bill (Crimes in Southern Indiana and Donnybrook rank high among my favorite contemporary books). To say I’m excited would be an understatement.

Bonus (because it’s beautiful): Matt Fraction’s response to a fan considering suicide.

As always, thought? Questions? Concerns? You do know who Lynyrd Skynryd is, right? Maybe you don’t know their discography or their tragic history, but the name rings a bell…? Don’t tell me if you don’t!


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  • jalal michael sabbagh.

    Great book,fascinating film ,and sensational actress.

    • Rory

      It’s definitely on the list to see!

  • Rick @


    • Rory

      Me too. Plus it is apparently Susie from the Insatiable Booksluts creation -bonus.

  • Acid Free Pulp

    I love your Bookish and Not So Bookish thoughts. I once went to a lecture Padgett Powell was giving, which was broadly suppose to be about the craft of fiction (and other grander writerly things), but the majority of the time he just talked about Lynyrd Skynrd. I would like to chalk that up to it being a potential performance art piece on his part.

    • Rory

      Thanks. It should be. I don’t know how you could walk around not knowing, at least vaguely, who Lynyrd Skynyrd is. It’s not like Freebird and Sweet Home Alabama (which has an entire Reese Witherspoon movie) are obscure.

      I would’ve liked to attend that lecture.

  • Charleen

    I don’t know how to deal with that Lynyrd Skynyrd thing. I will assume that this person has at least heard their music and just didn’t know the name of the band? I hope? Or are we really living in a world where there are adults who’ve never heard “Free Bird”?

    • Rory

      I hope, but it didn’t really seem like it. I worked hard to change the course of direction. And really, we all have our weird knowledge specialties. Mine is obscure, useless trivia, his is fantasy football. Sigh.

      Freebird, Sweet Home Alabama, That Smell, Simple Man – any of those has to have been heard at least once. Probably. But he openly admits to liking Rascal Flats, so…

  • Hitchcockmaster

    You really should view Notorious. I have a review of the Blu-ray (in case you are interested) on my new page.

    • Rory

      I’ll check it out. I’ve been thinking about watching that film for the last month, I had to add it to my Netflix queue once I realized I didn’t own it.

      • Hitchcockmaster

        I don’t think that you will regret watching it.

  • Julie Merilatt

    Free Bird!
    7) I have not read Monro. I am not super keen on short stories.
    2) I have the first season if Walking Dead on DVD and have not yet watched it. I am reticent.

    • Rory

      I do love short stories (and novels, novellas, plays, etc.). I’m not picky (except that I really am super picky).

      I just started watching it a month ago, I think it’s great – better than I thought it’d be. I’m thinking about tackling Breaking Bad next, I’ve heard both good and bad things about that one, so I understand the reticence.

  • Christine @ BookishlyB

    I think the biggest problem with Obamacare is that most people don’t understand it and don’t take the time to. I’m glad you’re benefiting!

    Oh and I pinned the Infinity Scarf from the Buzzfeed link maybe a year ago and had no idea it was from Sherlock Holmes. Oops.

    • Rory

      I think the insane amount of money people have spent trying to prevent it has swayed popular opinion (by a lot of people who would otherwise benefit from it). I shared it in the hopes that I, as an upper middle class (apparently) person, even I am seeing benefits from it. It’s not just for the uninsured or people who are struggling to make ends meet. It carries a wide range of benefits.

  • Words for Worms

    Who doesn’t know Lynyrd Skynryd? How is that even possible?

    • Rory

      I really don’t know. It like admitting to living under a very quiet rock. Because knowing something doesn’t have to mean you like it, it just means you show an interest in cultural history…

  • booksaremyfavouriteandbest

    8. I still have to read Charlotte Street!

    5. INSANE. This might make you cry but private health insurance for my family costs $260 a month and our ‘excess’ (the amount we pay before insurance kicks in if we have to stay in hospital overnight) is $500 for adults (no excess for kids). Last year my son broke his arm – we took him to the public hospital. Total cost $0.

    4. I like that tee as well… But would never wear it (since my kids can now read – I swear a lot but never in front of them!).

    • Rory

      It’s cute and it references Hall and Oates quite a bit. When I read it last year, I never imagined they’d be in this years Hall of Fame nominee class. Strange times.

      Yep, it sort of does. Because I didn’t even get in to the cost of prescriptions. For my hospital stay I had to pay $6000 before anything was covered, which is nearly 10% of my yearly income (and that’s considered good). The new policy drop the max that insurance companies can charge me to $2000 (I believe $4000 for families). I needed three stitches above my eye earlier this year – $1100 plus an additional $115 for stitch removal. I would’ve removed them myself if I had known it would cost that much!

      That is pretty much the problem with it, I do love it though.

  • Monika

    hahaha I had a similar reaction to season 3 of The Walking Dead… I bet it was the same character! 😉

    • Rory

      I had the same reaction to two people, I felt bad, but was equally happy.

  • Megan

    Ahh! I want that Reading Rainbow shirt!!

    • Rory

      I think I’d take most of the things on the list, except the LOTR leggings. I just couldn’t do it.

  • Heather

    Hee! #37 was made by Susie of Insatiable Booksluts fame. I hollered when I saw it included in that list. I love it.

    BEE annoys me to no end. He’s such a whiny brat. Heh.

    • Rory

      He really is. It’s like shut up and grow up already. He’s pretty funny to follow on twitter in a “I can’t believe he puts that shit out there” kind of way. Of course, this is the man that wrote Imperial Bedrooms, so I shouldn’t be surprised about anything.

  • Sarah Says Read

    I’m glad the ACA is working out for you 🙂 I only have dental and vision through my job (haven’t had medical in YEARS), so I’m curious to see what it would cost me through the new plans available. The .gov sites haven’t been working well though, so I’ll probably wait a while to check it out.

    I am OFTEN gleeful when people die on TWD… which character was it? (Well, you probably want to avoid spoilers here… tweet it to me?) I can be kind of mean when it comes to TWD. A lot of the characters are infuriating, but I love the show.

    • Rory

      The only thing it changes for me is my high deductible and I’m thankful for that. Anybody who thinks the American health system doesn’t need tp change has been very lucky all of their life. This might not be the best option, but it’s a start.

      Agreed, I’ll message you.

  • Lianne @

    lol, I also mentioned the whole Bret Easton Ellis thing in my entry this week; I haven’t read any of his books but his comments were so bitter, lol.

    Much as I love LOTR, I would never wear leggings with the map of Middle Earth on it; the attention would be too much, lol (and I don’t wear leggings in general anyways so I guess it’s out of the question from the get go). Love the e.e. cummings bracelet though…and the Snoopy pendant 😀

    • Rory

      I swear that sometimes he says that stuff just to get a reaction. Either that or he’s so out of touch with any sort of reality that he’s crazy. Which also could be true…

      I rarely wear leggings and I would never wear LOTR leggings, but I like that they are available if I ever change my mind.

  • DrFrood

    Personally I would recommend you add this to your list, and demand of all your followers that they too take a look at the wonders contained within and add it to their own lists, because unintended publishing layout fuck-ups are objectively hilarious, fact.

    You’re welcome – no need to thank me.

    Which character died and why did it make you happy?

    • Rory

      I might add it to next week’s list. I’d like to think some of those are intentional, especially 27 (or 11, she looks really happy), because that is exactly the headline I would create. Which is why I could never work in that field…

      It could apply to either of the two women. The first one to go, and the one I’m referencing above, I felt sort of bad about because that is a shit way to die (and probably the primary reason I’m happy to live in era of hospitals, because I don’t think I could have a child in that situation – it makes celibacy look good), but I couldn’t stand the triangle in season two. To be fair, she didn’t annoy me nearly as much in season three. The second long term female to go made the entire season worth watching. I found her so willfully obtuse that I was happy – especially since that is not the direction I thought it would take. Even her facial expressions irritated me. I feel really mean, but satisfied.

      • DrFrood

        I was worried about spoiling it re the death of preggers but it is such a relief, isn’t it?!

        • Rory

          It was, though she wasn’t actually as gone as I would’ve liked…

          As a rule I don’t usually hope for the death of female characters (especially capable ones), but TWD seems to be an exception.

  • Bonnie @ For the Love of Words

    9. How can you not know who Lynyrd Skynyrd is? Even my rap loving fiancé knows who he is.
    7. I am such a failure. I haven’t read Munro or Easton. Can’t somebody pay me to stay at home and read so I can fix this?
    5. I agree. Obamacare may not be perfect but the way the healthcare system currently is, changes clearly need to be made. Progress? Not a bad thing.
    4. I would totally wear #37 but that’s just me. 🙂
    2. hahaha I think I know who you’re talking about. I was so happy too. The new season is fantastic already.
    1. The Crow is one of my favorite movies and I truly hated the subsequent movies they made following Lee’s death. But this sounds awesome.

    • Rory

      9. He’s a country music fan. And he LOVES Mumford & Sons. It’s an ongoing battle.

      7. Read Murno, skip Easton. I feel like anyone who whines as much as him can be skipped (although American Psycho is a satirical classic).

      5. I have a cousin who hates Obamacare (and anything remotely libreal) passionately. Naturally, when he and his wife were having a baby and couldn’t afford healthcare, they went on state funded healthcare to make it affordable. Hypocrites. If you going to stand up and preach against something, live up to it.

      4. I’d wear it to bed. It would always answer the question as to whether I’m in the mood.

      2. There were two I was ecstatic about and one I was really sad about. I haven’t started watching season 4 yet, but I think it’s available online.

      1. If Frank Bill wrote an ad for pharmaceuticals I’d read it. But I’m excited that it’ll be The Crow: Pestilence. He writes really dark fiction and Donnybrook was excellent – I do love a good brawl (the book is about a 3-day fight in a cornfield). One of my weirder personality traits is that I like to fight/argue, both physically and verbally. I live for a good argument, assuming I win, of course. And I kickbox for fun. Just for contrast, I don’t yell – I don’t believe in it.

      • Bonnie @ For the Love of Words

        7. Psycho is the only one of his on my TBR because I have a morbid fascination with it.
        5. The bottom line is there needs to be another option for people that can’t get it from their employer. My fiance was unemployed from August 2012 till about April/May of this year and because we’re not married yet, the kids were uninsured that entire time. Even with him being employed again he’s only temporary and can’t get insurance. This country is just ridiculous sometimes and Obamacare might not be the answer, but it’s a step in the right direction.
        4. LOL I love that. So true.
        2. Yep, was upset about one dying too. There’s only the one episode but yes, I’m sure it’s available online. It’s supposedly being produced from one of the earlier producers, back when the show was super exciting so I have high hopes for this season. It introduced something super intriguing into the storyline that raises a bunch of questions.
        1. Donnybrook is on my list because of you. Fights in cornfields, eh? Just as long as no creepy children are involved in that storyline I’m good. I’m always down for a good argument, because I only argue when I know I’m right.. otherwise what’s the point. Unfortunately my better half doesn’t always see it that way.

  • Alice

    9. Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd is most definitely an awesome song, I only found out about them in the last few years, but my music knowledge is poor considering I’ve been around for 27 years not.

    5. It’s really nice to read an actual account of how Obamacare is effective, I’m behind it, but all the news coverage I read over here was about the Republicans.

    4. I really want that Sandman key! and the Oscar Wilde necklace! and the e. e. cummings bracelet! and #37 as well, but like you I’d never wear it. Sigh, so much want, so little cash.

  • Jennifer @ The Relentless Reader

    National Dictionary Day! How did I miss that. Dammit.

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