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Bookish (And Not So Bookish) Thoughts

10. I am writing this from the C terminal at Denver International Airport. Not one person around me is reading a book, but then again, neither am I. Sad.


09. I’ve mentioned it before, but I hate to fly. I can read ALL the statistics that tell me that I’m more likely to die on my way to the airport than on an airplane, but it doesn’t matter. I’m convinced that I’m going to die every single time. So if this is the end, so long.

(Making it slightly more bearable, the plane was practically empty.)

08. I have a full day meeting at a college in New England. They emailed the day’s itinerary to me yesterday. The footnote: “the campus is rustic, wear boots.” Wish me luck.

07. Regarding #8, this means I’ll be wearing my suit with snow boots. Classy.

(I also forgot a hairbrush. I have A LOT of hair. Classier.)

06. I packed my suit in a backpack. Classiest?

05. I’m tentatively set to meet someone I met online in real life (Carolyn at Rosemary and Reading Glasses). Let’s all hope I come off as adorably awkward.

04. Back to the hair issue. I got my hair cut last week. I specifically told the stylist to take off just one inch. Five inches later… It’s okay, I’m over it now. Mostly. It was getting dangerously close to belt level anyway.

03. On my last literary mixtape, one of the bands I included (Brick + Mortar) commented on it. Total fangirl moment – well, as close as I ever get.

02. Update: the person beside me cracked open a book – The Floor of Heaven. The other side is reading a gun and ammunition magazine (insert eye roll here).

01. I think this is my least bookish, possibly whiniest post to date. Poor me, I fly nice places more often than I’d like. If you see me, you have my permission to kick me.

If I publish this it means I made it to my destination (middle of nowhere and just left of lost, Vermont). As a reminder, my whining was brought to you by Christine at Bookishly Boisterous.

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  • booksaremyfavouriteandbest

    Sure that I border on weird (or rude) as I strain to see what people are reading on planes/ trams/ trains. E-readers make it particularly tricky. But I persist (because nosy).

    Hope your meeting goes well.

    • Rory

      Well we’ll be weird together. I try not to be too obnoxious about it, but I’m SO curious.

      Thanks. It went alright. Seven hours long. Colleges live to torture.

  • Ciska van der Lans

    Good luck with your meeting. Hope your hear will behave and you are probably not the only person wearing suits with boots if it is that rustic over there.
    I see you can now participate in my train on Thursday weekly spotting books 😉

    • Rory


      I was not the only one wearing boots and they were definitely necessary.

  • Heather

    Ah, a suit and snow boots. Brings back not so fond memories of living in Central NY in winter. Heh.

    I hope everything goes well for you.

    • Rory

      The glories of the upper northeast/lakes region. Why am I looking at jobs there again? Because today (while it snowed all day) I couldn’t remember…

      • Heather

        Heh. It’s a beautiful area…when it’s not winter…which is only like 6 months out of the year. :/

        • Rory

          It was 60 when I left CO and it’ll be 60 when I get back. I need to rethink my options.

          Though seriously. I enjoyed growing up in New England. But then again, I neither drove not shoveled and building snow forts was still fun.

  • lauratfrey

    Jealous that you and Carolyn are getting together! IRL meetings are pretty awkward but usually in a good way.

    • Rory

      Everything involving me is awkward. And I’m not just saying that unfortunately. It’s like the potential is there, I just manage to squander it.

  • Carolyn O

    Good lord, are you up in Burlington or something? And I’m sure we will both be awkward, drinking tea, but I am sure you will be adorable, whereas I will feel like a klutzy giantess.

    • Rory

      In Brattleboro…

      Plus: My hotel has an old Art Deco movie theater in it. I’m going to go watch American Hustle (the viewing options are limited).

      Minus: I was just asked out by the weirdest man ever. He walked up, introduced himself, and asked me out. Is that how it’s done these days?

      • Carolyn O

        Brattleboro is cute! You’ll have to tell me about the movie — haven’t set foot in a theatre in 6 months, at least.

        Also, tea at 3? or 4? Or would some other time suit? I can text you directions.

      • tlongford

        Was he nice looking?

        • Rory


    • Rory

      How do you feel about early-ish morning tea? Like 11? Not exactly tea time, but I’m going to stop by my grandparents for dinner tomorrow early evening. I think I’m hiking early in the morning (the Chesterfield, NH ruins, assuming I can get myself out of bed), but I should be on the road by 10ish. Time-ish is pretty much the story of my life.

      • Carolyn O

        I feel good about it! 11ish it is.

  • Jennine G.

    Sounds like me when traveling. Glad you made it in one piece!

    • Rory

      It’s funny, I travel very well (and often). I’m calm, I don’t complain, I take the middle seat – and inside I’m a jumbled mess.

  • Words for Worms

    Safe travels my dear! If anybody can make snow boots and a suit classy, it’s you. Work it!

    • Rory


      It was something alright. I ended up going with knee high leather boots with good treads. There are no words…

  • Charleen

    This is definitely not the first time I’ve heard of #4 happening. WTF is up with hair stylists assuming they know better than you? (I mean, about hair in general, they probably do… but when YOU are paying THEM, then THEIR job is to do what YOU want. And if they have a legitimate reason to think you need five inches cut off… maybe vocalize those thoughts and leave the decision with you? I know, it’s a crazy thought.)

    • Rory

      That’s a crazy notion right there. Someone pays you to provide a service and you provide said service to the proper specifications.

      But that’s just me. And my hair.

  • Rebecca Scaglione – Love at First Book

    No brush??? Oy. . . I totally get it. And seriously, I fully support suit-in-a-backpack!

    Yay for the band commenting!!!!

    Enjoy your trip, suit and snow boots and all!

    • Rory

      It was bad. I went 3 days without brushing my hair (essentially). I should not have willingly appeared in public.

      I hate checking my bags, so if I can stuff it in a bag, I totally do. And I did. It worked out pretty well.

  • Christine @ BookishlyB

    I’m going to get my fairly long hair trimmed today and now I’m scared (I’m always nervous… so sad).

    • Rory

      Ready for me to be snobby…?

      Okay, so I know they only went to salon/beauty school, but come on, there is a vast difference between one inch and five inches. I miss my hair! I’m always nervous too, for this very reason.

  • Bonnie @ For the Love of Words

    Oooh good luck with everything! And pfft. Suits and snow boots are the only way to go.

    • Rory


      Yeah, I must say, it really made the outfit stand out. Where I could have been just another suit (so to speak) I was a suit with kickass boots.

  • Sarah Says Read

    Oooo, I’d be in a crisis without a brush. I definitely brush my hair a dozen times a day… it’s actually probably pretty bad. *shrug*

    Glad you made it safe! I’ve never flown, but I’m pretty sure I’d be in a bit of a terrified panic. Reading would help me, I’m sure… Why does no one read in public anymore? SO many “waiting places”, like dentist’s offices and waiting rooms and bus stops, and I hardly ever see people reading. Sad face, indeed.

    • Rory

      I don’t brush my hair that frequently, but I still have to. Bedhead is not a look that works for me, try as I might.

      I don’t fly too frequently, maybe 6 or 7 times a year. But I hate it every single time. It hasn’t gotten easier for me. It seems like it should, but nope…

      I read all the time in public, but it does seem sort of rare. Based on the number of times people interrupt me when I’m reading, I’d gather people don’t think reading is important anymore.

  • Kelly Massry

    Can you give us some context for this if it’s not too personal? Why are in you in Denver?
    Sounds like you need to stop at a pharmacy! Their little travel-kits are life-saving!

    • Rory

      Nope, not too personal. I live in Denver and I was writing this particular post while waiting to board the plane. I was travelling for two reasons, first I had a business meeting (fairly run of the mill) and then I was visiting my family back east (in Boston) for a couple of days. I realized I’d forgotten my hairbrush while I was sitting at the airport. I always forget something, it’s tradition at this point. I did remember everything else I needed.

  • Care

    I love Brattleboro! Spent a glorious weekend there once…

    Hope the trip was grand.

    • Rory

      It was good, save the weather. But even the weather wasn’t unexpected, it was just cold and snowy (which I can’t seem to convince myself to love).

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