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A Little Q & A

I was tagged by one of my newfound favorite bloggers to answer eleven questions of her choosing. These are the questions (thanks Maria Helena (also known as Marelden)):


1. What topics would you never blog about? I think I’ve hit most of the sensitive one: politics, sex, religion, the fact that I judge you by your record collection, and general things that you probably don’t want to know about me. One line I don’t cross is family. I don’t blog about them, they’re too special.

 2. Last song you got stuck in your head? Crystal by Fleetwood Mac.

 3. Do you have any weird habits? Yes, yes I do.

 4. Pen or pencil? Pens, I hate the way pencils smear (especially when I write left-handed).

 5. What’s the last movie you saw in a movie theater? Gravity.

 6. If you were a Disney character, who would you be and why? This has got to be the easiest question for book bloggers. I, like everyone else, would be Belle – books, castle, a beastly good husband.

 7. Which three books would you bring to a deserted island? Jane Eyre, The Stand, and The Book Thief. I haven’t read that last one, but if I’m stranded then surely I’d get around to it, no?

 8. Favourite mode of transportation? Aside from walking? Train.

 9. Do you have any tattoos? Several.

 10. Which Hogwarts house would you belong to? I’d like to think Gryffindor, but I’m 99% sure I’d be Ravenclaw.

11. Major pet peeves? Passive aggressive personalities, laziness, and housemates that refuse to close upper cabinet doors (cabinet knobs are right at eye level for me).

In theory, I’m supposed to ask 11 questions and tag 11 people. I’m skipping that (now if you want to steal these questions, please do). I’m a rebel, in case you hadn’t realized. I only have one question for you:

What are some of your favorite things?

Mine are, and mind you this is neither an exhaustive nor profound list: thunderstorms, falling asleep to the sound of rain, design and typography, dark chocolate with sea salt, waking up to a cloudy day (this, I assume, is a Colorado thing), the oxford comma, good listeners, good pizza, good whiskey, good books, good music, and good movies. And finding people who like the same.

Please share.

(Image found here, via DesignLoveFest)


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  • Christine @ BookishlyB

    I think the fact that you don’t blog about your family is awesome- although, admittedly, it does make me curious.

    My favorite things? I’m currently very fond of many things that I can’t currently have, not limited to sleep, a long massage, a night out with my husband, and jeans that fit right.

    • Rory

      Yes to all of those things. Still, unfortunately. Though the jeans are just…different.

  • Jennine G.

    I only use pens too! I hate smear-y pencils. What are your tattoos of? I’ve got two and love to hear what other people have.

    • Rory

      Mostly just designs, nothing too special. If I had to do it again, it would probably all literary quotes. 🙂

  • Kate @ booksaremyfavouriteandbest

    #1 Same. Prbably because if I started I wouldn’t stop.

    #4 I like very, very sharp pencils and if not very sharp, then very fine black pens. I’m not particular at all.

    #6 & #10 I can’t answer these (because I don’t do Disney or Harry Potter). If there something wrong with me?!

    Favourite things: reading late at night, swimming, lying on warm sand, the cheer of the crowd at a football match, putting on my trackies at the end of the day, my new gold sparkly boots, nail polish, chocolate, bacon, gin, hot water bottles on cold nights, my new mattress, autumn in Melbourne, my frangipani tree, Friday cheese & wine get-together with school mums, seeing a movie in the middle of the day, opera (especially Puccini),listening to my kids practice their musical instruments (even the one who plays drums), walking along rivers, Art Deco curves, salty hair and skin after a day at the beach, opening a new notebook, stationery of any kind and the best: seeing my kids engrossed in a book.

    • Rory

      I’m not a huge Disney or Harry Potter fan, but they’re are embedded in my brain. You’d like Beauty and the Beast though, if you haven’t seen it.

      I love nail polish too. And my skin after a day at the beach (which happens far too infrequently).

  • Heather

    I also love thunderstorms and falling asleep to rain. [sings] Those are just two of my faaavorite things…

    • Rory

      That’s how I ended the post…singing.

  • Charleen

    I wouldn’t say I like waking up to a cloudy day… if the sun is shining, it’s definitely easier to get out of bed. But when I go outside, I do prefer it to be overcast. And while I don’t want to go out IN the rain, I love the air when it’s either just rained or is just about to.

    • Rory

      It’s so, so sunny here in that I enjoy the rare cloudy day. And the only time I like it super sunny is when I’m at the beach,

      • Charleen

        Yeah, I’d be happy with far less sun than most people seem to prefer. I’ve always thought I’d be suited to live in the Pacific Northwest. Like I said, cloudy days can make it hard to get out of bed, but I think I’d learn to adjust.

        • Rory

          I think I was born to live in western Washington. Someday…

  • Words for Worms

    I’m also quite certain I’d be in Ravenclaw, so at least we could hang out in the common room and study potions together. I now want to know what your tattoos are and where they live. I’m fascinated to learn that you’re a lefty. I’ve always felt lefties are cooler than righties. I’m a rightie, obvi. I think that might be the root of my inferiority complex…

    • Rory

      I’m not a lefty particularly, I’m ambidexterous. I traditionally write right-handed because that’s what everything is made for, but I like to break out the left hand every once in a while.

      Tattoos: Back of neck, right shoulder, lower back, one on each hip bone. Mostly there are just designs that I liked.

  • maria helena

    Thanks for playing along! All of your favourite things would be on my list except that whiskey would be replaced with white wine.

    • Rory

      You’re welcome!

      And I love white wine, it could easily been included too, I’m generally an equal opportunity drink, except I don’t particularly care for vodka,

  • Lori

    Yes – falling asleep to rain, thunderstorms, cloudy days, good listeners, good pizza, books, music, movies!
    Also – foggy days, wintery days that silhouette bare trees against the sky, my first cup of coffee . . .every . . .single . . .day, summer fruit, tacos, a morning walk, autumn color, days without drama, a quiet/lazy day at home.

    • Rory

      YES to everything you named, except coffee. I actively dislike coffee, but I think it smells wonderful.

  • Leah @ Books Speak Volumes

    Can I just steal your answer for favorite things? Because that’s me to a tee. It started pouring as I was making my coffee this morning, and my heart just soared at the thought of curling up on the couch with a blanket and a book and listening to the rain through an open window.

    • Rory

      Yes. We had clouds AND a thunderstorm today. It was lovely. Sadly I had to work (but last day before my weekend!).

  • Allison @ The Book Wheel

    I feel like I know you so much better. You’re left-handed? I agree with not blogging about family. My hubs comes up sometimes, but never specifically (although I do lather on the doggie love). As for me (some may or may not be surprising), I love sharks, L&O, coffee, policy (not the same as politics), and El Caminos.

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