2014 Collage

2014 was a hard year for me. There was nothing specific about it, just a lot of stress – quite a bit of it self-imposed, naturally. However, looking back, there were a lot of highlights and yes, I do feel compelled to share them. You’re welcome. A blog is essentially a way to show off shiny and pretty my life is a public journal of sorts.

(Look at me, trying to see the good in things. I fully expect a few family members of mine to keel over and die.)

Winter is not my “thing”. I don’t like to be cold. I don’t like driving in the snow. But there’s something about it that’s also very pretty. I was able to visit my family back east this past winter. It snowed. I spent a week visiting family and friends in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts – I even met Carolyn of Rosemary and Reading Glasses. I read Shotgun Lovesongs on this trip, as well as Fortune’s Pawn (around the same time), both were highlights of the year

In May, I made my first trip out to BEA, where I stayed with a couple of my favorite bloggers (Leah and Shannon). I survived the terrible Bloggers Conference and ate a lot of good food (I’m still dreaming about Roberta’s Pizza). And I brought home books, LOTS of books.

In June I hiked Mt. Bierstadt (14,065′ – looks more impressive than it is) and two weeks later I went camping just outside of Monarch, Colorado (for my birthday, there was moonshine, which was mildly traumatizing). Right after I got back, I left for a two week vacation with my family. We spent a week in Tennessee and a week on the coast of North Carolina (beach reading!). Both were beautiful (and humid). I came home and settled in for rest of the vacation free year. If that wasn’t bad enough, my son started first grade. Tears were not present, but it was a near thing.

Despite sharing a city for years, Allison (from The Book Wheel) and I finally met. It took long enough. Ghost Brothers of Darkland County came to Denver – Stephen King and the dad from Twilight. That’s kind of hard to beat.

I can’t pretend this was a big year on the blog, as I posted less than ever before, but I started a new feature on the blog: Like this, read that. If you like Gilmore Girls, Twin Peaks, Bob Dylan, or True Detective and you don’t know what to read next  – I’ve got you covered. Those post are probably the ones I have the most fun writing (well, maybe literary mixtapes win there).

Overall, I read great books, met great people, and saw some very lovely places. There’s not too much to complain about (though I bet I could still find a way, Pollyanna I am not…).

I hope everyone’s 2014* had at least a few highlights that they can look back on fondly. Here’s hoping 2015 is even better. Or, at the very least, not any worse.

Happy New Year! How was your 2014?

(*I feel like I am posting this recap late, but I would not be me if there was not at least a little procrastination involved in the blogging process.)

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  • Isi

    Rory, I think that, according to this summary, your year was quite good, so contratulations. I love all the photos you have posted.
    Hope you have a happy 2015 as well 🙂

  • C.J.

    Happy new year! These are gorgeous photos. You had a big year and I look forward to what’s next for you. I love both the this-that and mix tape features!

  • Shannon @ River City Reading

    I’m sorry you had a rough year (mine was far from peaches and cream, particularly the early part), but I’m glad that you’re able to look back at it this way. It seems like it might help to put you in a better spot moving into 2015.

    Personally, I will never forget that giant piece of pizza after walking a thousand miles in the wrong direction.

  • maria helena

    It’s never too later for a recap. Happy New Year!

  • Monika @ Lovely Bookshelf

    I’ve really enjoyed your like this, read that posts. 🙂

    Hope your 2015 is wonderful!

  • Kerri

    Sounds like you had a wonderful year- especially spring and summer! Where did you go in NC? We love Carova- the 4×4 section of the Outer Banks.

  • Leah @ Books Speak Volumes

    Sorry you had a tough year, but your pictures are gorgeous, and that’s what counts on the internet, right? I hope 2015 is less stressful 🙂 It was lovely to meet you at BEA, and I hope we can do it again this year!

  • Jennine G.

    The good thing looking back is you can see the good and you have a new, fresh year to work with! Blessings!

  • Allison @ The Book Wheel

    I can’t believe it took us so long to finally get together. I mean, you met bloggers in NYC before we got together (I’m ashamed now!). We’ll have to make it a habit, though.

    PS: I never knew you hated winter 😉

  • Kate

    As a Pollyanna by nature, I’ll say this: 2015 will be tops. You’ll probably go to some lovely (hot) places. You’ll read some fantastic books. There’s a new Irving coming, for goodness sakes! I might win the lottery and then I’ll come and visit you (ticking off the 2015-meet-a-fellow-blogger-box).

    • Rory O’Connor

      Well, I’ll trust you.

      Please do work on winning the lottery,

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