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This week nearly did me in. I have what I can only assume is the never ending virus working through my system and a few stressful deadlines at work. I’ve mentioned this is the past, but I haven’t properly whined about it recently, so…my work week starts on Saturday. So this week, while nearly everyone I knew in the bookish was participating in the #readathon, I went to work. Like the grown-up I often wish I wasn’t. It’s as fun as it looks, right? I bet it is. Snacking and reading and so on…

Monday April 27th

This week was a bit of a slow reading week for me. I finished The Bees by Laline Paull and am working my way through Deadline by John Sandford and Beneath the Bonfire by Nickolas Butler. Both are comforting reads, if that makes sense. I’ve also recently realized exactly how far behind I am in reviewing the books I’ve read, so maybe look for a mini-review post (or something, before this gets too out of hand) in the near future.

So, fellow bookworms, it’s Monday, April 27th, what are you reading?

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  • Marisa @The Daily Dosage

    No worries lady…I couldn’t participate in the readathon either. Not work related but familial obligations ALL DAY LONG. Someday, I’ll get a day off to read and snack and nap but until then…
    I also have been in a book review writing slump. I don’t know why because I’ve read some great books. I’ll have to dig into the creative vault more. And the kitten pics are giving me the itch to adopt another!!

    • Rory O’Connor

      We should start a “I missed readathon support group”. I felt so left out!

  • Sarah (Sarah’s Book Shelves)

    I didn’t get to participate in Readathon either and had serious FOMO (my excuse was young kids at home). Am going to try for Fall. And, I have Beneath the Bonfire waiting for me on my Kindle…I’m excited/curious/scared to start it…scared b/c I loved Shotgun Lovesongs so much, but am generally not a fan of short stories. I figured I’d give this one a chance anyway since it’s Nickolas Butler 🙂 And, I remember S.L. being somewhat comforting too.

    • Rory O’Connor

      I know! It seems like SO much was going on and everyone was participating. I’ve like Beneath the Bonfire, but I’m a big short story fan (the writing is excellent though, so maybe that’ll be enough).

      • Sarah (Sarah’s Book Shelves)

        I’m about a 1/4 through Beneath the Bonfire now and am really enjoying it! I love his writing as well and his themes of longtime friends and male friendships hit home for me….I’ve got 2 brothers and lots of male cousins, who are all really close. First short story collection I’ve ever really enjoyed!

  • Leah @ Books Speak Volumes

    Sorry you had to miss the readathon. I know how much work weeks starting on Saturday suck 🙁

    • Rory O’Connor

      On a happy note, while I only work four days a week, it’s structured two days and two days (never four in a row), But…! In one month I will start working 4 straight days. Mini-vacations here I come.

  • mariahelena

    John Sandford’s books are on my TBR list but I haven’t read any of them yet. At the moment, I’m working my way through the remaining Kurt Wallander books (which all are so so good).

    • Rory O’Connor

      I’ve loved BBC’s Wallander and have been meaning to give the books a try. Glad to know they are worth it!

      • mariahelena

        They definitely are. I think Wallander is an even greater character in the books.

      • mariahelena

        Oh, they definitely are!

  • Isi

    Well, hope you can take a rest soon, Rory – stress is an awful thing!
    By the way, why is everyone reading Nickolas Butler? I need to read anything by him asap!
    Comforting reads make a lot of sense to me too – I have my comfort authors’ books ready when I need them!

    • Rory O’Connor

      He is a very good writer, I’d recommend Shotgun Lovesongs first. It’s a quiet, but lovely book.

  • Jennine G.

    Hope you feel better. I didn’t get to participate either – had nonstop activity all day long. Totally sucks. But looking forward to Bout of Books 13 in May!

    • Rory O’Connor

      I am feeling much better! I feel like I missed so much – it looks fun!

  • Athira / Aths

    So sorry you’ve been under the weather! I hope you are feeling better now. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do the readathon, so I’m glad it finally worked out. Love the books you are reading.

    • Rory O’Connor

      I am, thank you! Someday I hope to participate in readathon, it is bound to happen eventually!

  • The Book Wheel

    Sick AND working through the readathon? What did you do to get that kind of karma? But seriously, feel better….

    • Rory O’Connor

      Thanks! I’m at the point where I mostly feel better, but I sound terrible – so almost there!

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