Needles Highway
Super Easy Skinny Crockpot Lasagna. Want to sell me something? Put easy and skinny in the same sentence.
Drinking: I’ve been looking for Snapple Lemonade. Do they still even make it? I blame Wild.
Reading: Ana in California // Andi Teran. More accurately, I’m getting ready to write the review. The book has been read.
Coveting: This kitchen. But what about cabinets, right?
Listening: Shelter from the Storm // Bob Dylan
Watching: Bloodline. Love it. Take me to the Florida Keys, please.
Smelling: Rain.
Wishing: For more beach days!
Loving: Having my family in town.
Needing: Another vacation. And this headband.
Feeling: Plainly worn out. Summer vacation is kicking my ass. My kids appear well rested though. So, there’s that…
Wearing: ALL the flannel. Still. I don’t have a thing, but if I did it would be flannel. Angela Chase style. (Yeah, I’m never changing this answer.)
Wanting: Birkenstocks! But it’s just so trendy blogger… I bet my feet would be thrilled though.
Wondering: Why, when I finally put together a post I love, is get so few comments? It’s weird how that works, right?
Hiking: North Table Mountain. Lichen Peak has been a popular destination lately.

Serious question for women out there? Hair care… I need a really good deep conditioner recommendation.

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  • Carolyn O

    I tossed my purchased-in-high-school Birkenstocks last summer (12 years was a pretty good run) and now I feel like it would be totally irresponsible to drop $120 on a new pair. But I miss them. So much.

    • Rory O’Connor

      I went through the same thing recently. I want them back (though they needed to go). Maybe my blog will take off and I can afford a new pair… 😉

  • Naomi

    That lasagna looks amazing.
    I’ve been wanting Birkenstocks for a long time, too, but, like Carolyn, I find it hard to dish out that kind of money for a pair of sandals. We all should, though!

    • Rory O’Connor

      Right?! If I had some sort of guarantee for 10 solid years of use, I might be able to justify it, but even then, it’s a lot of money.

  • mariahelena

    Birkenstocks are amazing! So worth the money. I need to replace mine now after 6 years (but they’ve endured daily wear and tear year round better than any other sandals)

    • Rory O’Connor

      I had a pair for years – high school through college. I got rid of them when my husband told me that they made my feet smell (probably a bit of an overshare, but hey, that’s what blogging is for). Now I really, really want another pair.

      • mariahelena

        I think your feet deserves another pair 🙂

  • Marisa @The Daily Dosage

    I’m smelling tons of rain also. 🙁 It smells great but not been much of a summer so far… And YES to the loved post, so few comments. It happens all the time to me as well. Is it usually on a Friday? Anywho, I figured you loved this post, so I am going to prove it wrong-ish by commenting. 😉

    • Rory O’Connor

      Mine seem to be when I publish them at odd times. Id I publish super early in the morning (2 am), I seem to catch the morning crowd. But yeah, weekends get overlooked quite a bit.

  • Claire McAlpine

    What a gorgeous photo. Loved your lists post, retweeted it again today. 🙂

    • Rory O’Connor

      Thank you so much!

  • Lindsay @ Lindsay’s Library

    Stunning photo — I love the composition! I’m smelling rain too — it’s a blustery day here in Ohio more suited to October than the end of June!

    • Rory O’Connor

      Thank you. It was from a recent roadtrip.

      And what is with the rain everywhere?!

  • Jennine G.

    That picture is amazing! It has done nothing but rain in Ohio and summer has been kicking my ass as well. Something’s gotta give really soon here.

    • Rory O’Connor

      Hopefully it’ll be the clouds and you can have an actual summer.

  • A.M.B.

    Gorgeous picture!

    As for this: “Why, when I finally put together a post I love, is get so few comments?”

    For that reason, at the bottom of the “popular posts’ page on my blog, I have a “favorite posts” section. My most popular posts are rarely my favorite ones!

    • Rory O’Connor

      Thank you!

      Exactly. It’ll be a tiny little post that I expected nothing from… That gets all the comments.

  • Christine @ BookishlyB

    I’ve definitely had those moments as a blogger. Once i connected The Marriage Plot to my own experience with a father who was bipolar, and then extended it into a PSA on mental health and like no one said anything. Womp womp womp.

    • Rory O’Connor

      And it’s an important post! I loved that book.

  • Leah @ Books Speak Volumes

    Shelter from the Storm is one of my favorites! I instantly feel more relaxed when I hear it. Combine that with rain smell, and you’ve got perfection.

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