: Fantasizing about ordering take-out, but making chicken chili verde.
Drinking: Mexican Coke.
Reading: Gathering Prey // John Sandford
Organizing: Once a year or so, I develop and hopefully frame photos from the year. This means I’m finally cleaning off my digital camera and my phone. (See photo above)
Coveting: This sweatshirt! Gilmore Girls forever.
ListeningStressed Out // Twenty One Pilots
Watching: The 100. Season 2 came out on Netflix yesterday (Halloween)!
Smelling: Pumpkin. And not the good kind. The just carved, pumpkin innards kind.
Wishing: For some alone time. It may sound weird, but I have very little time to dedicate to anything I have an interest in.
Loving: Fall! Leaves and cold and hats and tights…
Needing: Can I say that sweatshirt again?
Feeling: I had this terrible moment when I looked around for the adult and realized I was the adult. It was painful. Now I just feel old.
Wearing: Yesterday, I got to dress in “costume”. It was fun.The costume consisted of a pin.
Wanting: Frye boots. I’m a sucker for expensive footwear.
Wondering: About how often I say I’m sorry. This article is a few weeks old and I’m still thinking about it: We Are Women and We’re Sorry.
Thinking: About a vacation to Kentucky, of all places. The Red River Gorge area looks gorgeous.
Hiking: North Table Mountain Trails. It’s my go-to for weekdays.

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  • Kate

    Sensational pic.

  • Shannon @ River City Reading

    Yes, that photo is magazine-worthy! And Kentucky/Tennessee are gorgeous. Go in the Spring and hike your hearts out!

  • Naomi

    I just read the article about women apologizing. The comments are just as interesting.
    I love your photo!

  • mariahelena

    Love that photo (and the sweatshirt)

  • Marisa @The Daily Dosage

    Your photos are simply gorgeous. Where was that taken?

  • Marisa @The Daily Dosage

    Your photos are simply gorgeous. Where was that taken?

  • Christine @ BookishlyB

    I wore my Frye boots for the first time today and have three blisters, but IT WAS WORTH IT!

    Confession: I needed time alone so badly on Saturday that I told my husband I was going to my weekly yoga class and just sat at Starbucks to read. If I had told him that was my plan he would have been cool with it, but being sneaky was sort of fun. Find some time for yourself. It’s important.

  • Lindsay @ Lindsay’s Library

    We live in Ohio at the moment and I can say that Kentucky, our neighbor to the south, is much prettier than I expected! I love your little story about looking around for an adult — and realizing you were the adult. I just turned 30 last week and I feel like this is me all the time. Oh, to be 7 again…

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