What To Give a Science Librarian Who Loves the Outdoors, Vintage Botanical Prints, and ’80s Slasher Films. And Books.

Not to put too fine a point on it… Gift giving can be hard. I’m here to help.
Holiday Wish List Collage
Clockwise from top left:

Gilmore Girls Sweatshirt. Because quite often, the bookworm in your life might actually prefer to be watching Gilmore Girls.

Final Girls. I saw this at a film festival with my family and absolutely loved it. It’s definitely one I want to own and force others to watch.

Circle 21 Soy Candle. In English Pine, because it smells wonderful.

St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves by Karen Russell. I loved Swamplandia and, quite honestly, I think that title is divine. A quirky book of short stories for fans of literary fiction.

Bronte Earrings from Elephantine Shop on Etsy. Everything I’ve bought from this shop has been beautiful and held up well.

Haints Stay by Colin Winnette. And odd little western. Shannon promises it’s good.

Artifact Uprising. A gift certificate to get any number of prints developed – for your friend that loves Instagram.

Botanical Chart Reproduction. This chart features a print by A.K. Kipps titled “Mammoth Arborvitae” and was originally published in 1853 . It features a 3000 thousand year old tree that was located in Calveras County California. This tree was 290 ft tall with a diameter at the base of 31ft! The grasshopper print is pretty wonderful too.

What’s on your holiday list? Have you managed to find the perfect gift for someone? I found something that’s pretty great, but there’s no saying whether or not the giftee will like it.

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  • http://consumedbyink.wordpress.com Naomi

    I love that print of the tree. And, the Karen Russell book sounds good to me, too! I hope you get what you want. 🙂

  • http://www.marelden.com mariahelena

    I love that print of the tree too!

    • http://www.fourthstreetreview.com/ Rory O’Connor

      It’s gorgeous!

  • http://rivercityreading.com Shannon @ River City Reading

    What a great wishlist! Lovvvve that botanical chart.

    • http://www.fourthstreetreview.com/ Rory O’Connor

      Thanks! I ordered another chart from that shop (for my kids), so I’ll be able to check out the quality.

  • http://www.bookishlyboisterous.blogspot.com/ Christine @ BookishlyB

    I adore Artifact Uprising. I got sucked in by the free print deal when you sign up and order a new set every few months.

    • http://www.fourthstreetreview.com/ Rory O’Connor

      That’s how they got me too… “ooh, 25 free prints…!”

  • http://www.ebookclassics.wordpress.com ebookclassics

    Wonderful list! This is a good reminder I haven’t read anything by Karen Russell and need to find someone to give her books to me for Christmas.

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