What I’m Watching, but Mostly What I’ve Watched.

Twilight Zone

Bonus entry! It doesn’t get much more classic than this…

TV is not my thing. I don’t have the patience or inclination for it. I fidget when I watch it. If I don’t, it means I’ve fallen asleep. I am a chronic abandoner of shows (sorry, The Walking Dead and Poldark). Naturally I know all sorts of pop culture references. I am on top of it.

Or not.

However, this doesn’t mean I never watch TV. It just means I have high standards, or so I like to tell myself. And when I do fall for a show, I’m quite devoted. Here’s what has worked for me…(and what I’m looking forward to).

The 100. A fantastic example of the adaptation being FAR superior to the book. Also, the future looks super female. I like it.

Gilmore Girls. I am SO excited for November.

The X-Files. Quite honestly, if you haven’t watched this, you need to take a long look in the mirror.

Stranger Things. I can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said.

Twin Peaks. And old favorite, and apparently it’s also going to be revived…?

Bloodline. A quiet, but enthralling show.

The Americans. Quite the possibly the best thing since Felicity. Which brings me to…

Felicity. Noel or Ben? (Always Ben.)

Justified. Great writing. Great acting. Based on excellent source material (the fabulous Elmore Leonard.)

Deadwood. Brilliant writing, bloody, practically Shakespearean dialogue, and cancelled far too soon.

What do you watch? Past, present, and future…

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  • Jess Henry

    The 100 was top on my list too. And I share your love (and everyone’s love) for Stranger Things. I can’t wait for November. It can’t come too soon. 🙂

  • Sarah (Sarah’s Book Shelves)

    I think I need to try The Americans! And I loved Season 1 of Bloodline, but Season 2 sort of lost my husband and me. I’m not sure we finished it? I should check on that.
    I also never watched Gilmore Girls when it was first on, so should Netflix the original version of that one.

  • Kate

    1. Haven’t even heard of this….!
    2. Know it but have never watched an episode. You’ll probably disown me…
    3. Never watched it – which is why I was confused when we people kept asking me if I was a fan, after having my first baby (baby’s middle name – Fox – a family name, no X-Files onnection).
    4. Busting to see this but not available on any of my television options yet.
    5. Never watched because I was on exchange (in Germany) when it began in Aus and I got the impression that it was one that you couldn’t just pick up half way through.
    6. Don’t know it.
    7 Don’t know it but clearly I should.
    8. Obvs.
    9. Don’t know it.
    10. Know it, seen a little but no my scene.

  • Katie McD @ Bookish Tendencies

    Duh, Ben for life.

  • Jessica

    I love Felicity (though I’m team Noel all the way), and Deadwood is one of my all-time favorites. The writing is absolutely exquisite.

  • Jenny @ Reading the End

    ALWAYS BEN. Well, no, Noel is better in the first season — like he’s kind of a Nice Guy ™ but Ben is just straight terrible in that season. But thereafter, Ben is better. The writers cleverly got us on board with the Ben/Felicity relationship by turning Noel into an utter jerk in the second season, and hey! It worked!

  • Lindsay @ Lindsay’s Library

    I actually love both “The Walking Dead” and “Poldark,” though I’m pretty picky about my TV shows too. Sometimes I have a hard time sitting still for that long, but I often knit while I watch so that helps. I’m super excited for the “Gilmore Girls” revival too, and “The Americans” is in the pipeline for us to binge-watch soon.

  • Christine @ BookishlyB

    I need to rewatch Felicity. Some day…

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