Summer Adirondacks

Making: Tortellini soup, it’s surprisingly good, and kid friendly.
Drinking: Water. It’s one of my goals for the year.
Reading: Ill Will by Dan Chaon
Organizing: This year’s travel plans (which may include some time in the Adirondacks).
Coveting: A brand new house with no issues.
Listening: Stone Walls // Three Tall Pines
Watching: Black Sails. It’s the only show on television that I’m caught up on.
Smelling: Books. I’m on a break at work.
Wishing: That I wasn’t back at work already.
Loving: This quiz. I love riddles like that.
Adoring: Deadpool. What a fun movie.
Accomplishing: We’re continuing our effort to visit national parks. The most recent ones we’ve crossed of our list: Grand Canyon and Death Valley. Last year we visited three: Rocky Mountain, Big Bend, and Crater Lake. I’m hoping to fit one more in this year to match that.
Needing: Something good to happen. The latest in a string of unfortunate events include our boiler going out. It’s a cold, costly fix.
Feeling: Exhausted, but satisfied personally, annoyed financially. Why do home repairs cost so much?! And how am I going to achieve my travel dreams shelling out thousands of dollars in plumbing cost?! (In addition to the boiler, we had a pipe spring a leak in the basement (the same one we just had fixed) and another one in the kitchen. Anyone who has ever dealt with these kind of issues knows why I want to cry right now.)
Wearing: It’s nearly spring and I can’t fit into any of my clothes. I had to wear my husband’s shirt to work.
Wanting: To fit into my pants. Is there any magical way to just rid myself of the baby weight
Wondering: About this country and the president. Don’t Trump supporters get upset about the lies? And alternative facts? Since the answer is no, why not?
Thinking: How costly being a homeowner is.
Celebrating: Birthdays! My two sons birthdays are close together. Why yes, I am absolutely excited for that much cake.

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  • Christine @ BookishlyB

    Even the thought of a house trouble is enough to send my anxiety skyrocketing. What’s that noise? What’s that smell? Was that like that before? How much is that going to cost? I will be eternally thankful for the privilege of owning my own home, but damn. It’s a lot of adulting.

    • Rory O’Connor

      The pipes are fixed, but the refrigerator sounds louder than usual. And I sit there looking at it thinking “what’s that noise?” and “how much is it going to cost?”

  • Kate

    I think the whole world is wondering about your President as well, so at least you’re not alone…right?!
    Aside from your house falling down around you, hope all is well. K xx

    • Rory O’Connor

      And it just keep getting worse. The president, that is. The leak has been fixed.

  • Sarah (Sarah’s Book Shelves)

    Oh man – I’m sorry about your plumbing issues. I feel your pain – we had a major flood a few months and and had to rip out/replace our entire basement and the walls and ceilings in our first floor front hallway. Yes, it does make you want to cry. Hang in there.

    • Rory O’Connor

      It’s just the worst.

  • Marisa @The Daily Dosage

    Ah, the house troubles. Definitely not fun, but all your amazing travels are making me green with envy. I’m just vicariously living through your photos and adventures. I am hoping to get to some parks this year with the kiddos and when I get close, I’ll have to pick your brain.

    • Rory O’Connor

      I can’t decide if traveling is always worth. I think it is, but sometimes, as I’m standing there with one grumpy kid, one whiny kid, and a crying baby, I second guess myself. BUT! My brain is yours to pick.

  • Jenny @ Reading the End

    Oof, I’m so sorry about your house issues. This is why I’m so reluctant to buy! People keep telling me that renting into adulthood is foolish because I could be building equity and they are not wrong but also — ugh, home ownership just seems really hard. I’ll say a prayer to St. Joseph for y’all.

    • Rory O’Connor

      Thanks! If I could go back and do it again, I might buy a new home and skip the old fixer upper.

  • Andi

    Well, you ended on a strong note…CAKE! <3

    • Rory O’Connor

      Right?! Two birthdays only weeks apart means cake for days.

  • Catherine G

    I love this feature! It always makes me feel so many things. This time? Frustrated and sympathetic about the house. Our house is old, but when we remodeled we had all the plumbing and electrical updated and I’m so grateful. I HATE repair expenses- maybe because I think ‘why don’t I learn how to fix things?’

    Sad and angry about Trump supporters. I don’t get it either. He’s lied to them! There is no uptick in jobs- GM laying off over 1,000 and 170 J.C. Penney’s stores closing and now this healthcare plan?! We’ve left rational thought so far behind with this president that there is nothing I could hear about him that would surprise. Wait…compassion and dignity- that would surprise me.

    I just reviewed Ill Will and will be anxious to see what you think about it. It seems to be getting a very mixed response.

    • Rory O’Connor

      We bought a fixer-upper, so we knew stuff like this would come up, but it seems to come in waves, unfortunately. Smooth sailing for a while and then two busted pipes and a new boiler.

  • Bonnie

    I am not caught up on Black Sails! Which reminds me that I should be although I’m so sad it’s ending. Hoping you’re enjoying Ill Will… should be coming up soon for me. 🙂 I really need to join in on this feature, it looks so fun!

    • Rory O’Connor

      I’m not one to watch a show for the men, but this is an exception (particularly Vane – because wow – though he’s also on The 100).

      • Bonnie

        Oh man, I totally understand. Big Vane fan (he’s pretty much the only reason I watch The 100 at this point).

        • Rory O’Connor

          They started losing me around the heavy AI time.

          • Bonnie

            Same. I think I’ve watched only watched two this season. I’m pretty behind.

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