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    Making: Not beef stew. I hate it, yet keep thinking I’ll like it. It was the soup of the day while I was at work. Drinking: I made one too many of these…

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    Barbed Wire Heart // Tess Sharpe

    Harley McKenna is a daughter, a fighter, a friend, and a victim. She’s shot a man, buried a mother, and plotted revenge, but her most defining characteristic – the one she can’t…

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    The Which Way Tree // Elizabeth Crook

    Benjamin Shreve is just a little boy when he sees his sister maimed and his stepmother killed by a very large, very vicious panther. Set in Texas during the Civil War, The…

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    The Great Alone // Kristin Hannah

    After unexpectedly inheriting a homestead in remote Alaska, Ernt Allbright moves his family to the Kaneq wilderness. Suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder from his time as a POW in Vietnam, he looks…