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    Rust & Stardust // T. Greenwood

    Florence “Sally” Horner just wants to fit in. When a few of the girls from her class dare her to steal from Woolworth’s – if she does, she can join their exclusive…

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    The Optimistic Decade // Heather Abel

    Which of the following makes The Optimistic Decade worth reading? a) “In the Colorado Desert, a Debut Novelist Finds a Metaphor for Israel and Palestine.”* b) A novel set at an ‘80s…

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    Florida // Lauren Groff

    My love of short stories is well known by now, at least to me. It’s possible I love a good short story collection more than a good novel, though if you’d asked…

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    The Mars Room // Rachel Kushner

    I’ll keep this short and sweet, as plenty has been written about the new novel from National Book Award finalist Rachel Kushner. Romy isn’t quite sure where she went wrong. What is…