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  • Shania Impress

    That Don’t Impress Me Much…

    Please tell me you thought of Shania Twain, even if you aren’t a country fan. I’m probably dating myself here. “They” say never judge a book by it’s cover… Yet I do…

  • 2016-notable-books

    Notable Books of 2016

    I blinked and it’s New Year’s Eve. 2016 has been a year of huge changes, both good and bad, and it has not been a fantastic reading year. However, it has been…

  • kat-stratford

    The Cinematic Glory of my Teenage Years

    I, like any good, angsty teenager of the ’90s, loved Daria and My So-Called Life, but my taste in movies was (occasionally) less than stellar. Does that mean I love these movies…

  • the-original-movie-villain

    Best of the Bad Guys

    And gals. There are so many ways this list could go, from the truly terrible Judge Holden of Blood Meridian and the ghastly Cathy of East of Eden to the more humorous,…

  • autumn

    Upcoming Fiction: The Autumn 2016 Edition

    It’s nearly October, my favorite month of the year – the month of changing trees, apple picking, bonfires, stormy weather, the return of knee high boots and buffalo plaid… And this particular…