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Top Ten Tuesday

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    Best of the Bad Guys

    And gals. There are so many ways this list could go, from the truly terrible Judge Holden of Blood Meridian and the ghastly Cathy of East of Eden to the more humorous,…

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    Childhood Idols

    I will take a minute to be thankful that we are not judged on our childhood idols. Right? Right. If we were, I’d clearly be blond, meddlesome, and prone to trouble –…

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    Songs to Inspire a Novel

    When I started this blog it had a much bigger focus on music, so it’s no surprise that I was excited to see this week’s prompt (songs I wish were novels). While…

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    This Is Not a Love Story.

    Okay, okay, I lied. A little. There is a bit (or a bunch) of love in each of the following novels, but most are not intended to be a “love story” and…